Treating Prostate Cancer with Galvano-Therapy

New Treatment of Prostate Cancer with Galvano-Therapy

Galvano-Therapy is a well known treatment in cancer therapy. Because of the increasing awareness of prostate cancer amongst men, the diagnosis of this common disease is often made in early cancer stages.

Very often a increased PSA leads to biopsy and prostatectomy with its well known and intense side effects like impotence and incontinence.
In modern medicine an elevated PSA value is clarified by an MRI. The MRI nowadays differentiates every PSA increasing reason like prostate cancer, prostatitis or even the reason might just be a benign prostate enlargement. Knowing the location of a cancer suspect area within the prostate gland this region will be biopsized and the normal areas are left untouched.

After securing the diagnosis a local treatment can be carried out. A very effective method of treating lokal tumors is Galvano-Therapy.

Under ultrasound guidance the local anesthesia as well as two electrodes are located in the tumor. The direct current is forcing a chemical reaction coming along with a pH value shift. This shift is so extrem that the tumor cell in the immediate vicinity die. The immune system now has the chance to recognize tumor cells and attack them. This way the former cancer is replaced by scar, shown in the follow up MRI.

Regarding to the size of the tumor 2 to 6 treatments are needed to treat the malignant area.

Galvano-Therapy is a minimal invasive treatment and side effects like impotence or incontinence are very rare so it can be performed in an outpatient protocol.

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