Sehr geehrte Damen, Sehr geehrte Herren, Mein Name ist Dr. med. Florian Mayer. Ich führe die Idee einer alternativen Therapie zur Behandlung von bösartigen Erkrankungen fort.

Im am the head of the das clinic for galvano-therapy in Regensburg. Because of my daily work with cancer patients, my focus is not just on the medical issue of your disease, but also on the interpersonal relationship and the mental part of the situation you are in.

During my studies of human medicine in Dresden, Frankfurt on the Main and Charleston (South Carolina / USA),  I did my doctorate on Galvano-Therapy for prostate carcinoma .

After the examination as a specialist for radiology I spent several years in the diagnostic and interventional radiology as senior physician; last at the Marienhospital in Osnabrück.

My primary goal is to entirely understand you and your disease.

Should you decide to come to me, please bring all essential documents which have accumulated over time. These include blood tests, X-ray examinations, MRI examination, doctor's letters, surgical reports, histological assessments, follow-up examinations, etc.

In addition to these documents, please also bring sufficient time,so that we can have the opportunity to develop a possible therapy concept, which not only suits your Illness, but above all, also suits you and your life situation.

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