The Galvano-therapy (ECT)

Is an innovative technology in the cancer-therapy with the purpose of rapid treatment

• without or with slide pains,
• without or less side effect andWithout operative,
• chemo-therapy and radiation.

How is that possible?

In medicine, there has been till now the application of chemo-therapeutical methods against cancer-cells after an operative reduction of the tumour's mass. This methods is toxic to the entire body, where by the immune system is being weaken mostly and above all contribute to the stimulation of cancer cells development.

This situation is gradually changing. The Chemistry occurring in the background tries to obstruct the cancer events through biological and physical processes.

This change result from the fact that, the existing methods is always slow and less consistence in fulfilling its task, meanwhile the reality can be better explained.

The tumour has been till now be treated operatively, during which the blood vessels are being opened. The body in healing the wounds tries to build a series of wound healing factors identical to angiogenics, so as to enable tumours in the surrounding (Kübler GmbH) as well those in the general peripheral of the body, the sleeping micro metastasen to be awoke.

In connection with the new techniques (Ultrasound scan, CT, MRT, Sonography) and the possibilities of invasive radiology, there is now unexpected, minimal invasive non-operative therapy application in the treatment of solid tumours in the internal body structures, for example liver and pancreas tumours as well as lungs tumours.

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