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Chancen und Risiken der Galvano-Therapie

Sehr geehrte Damen, Sehr geehrte Herren, mein Name ist Dr. med. Heinz P. Mayer, und ich möchte mich, meine Praxisklinik sowie mein therapeutisches Konzept vorstellen.

Many scientific research studies have shown the low risks of the Galvano-Therapy.

The greatest risks occur at the puncture of the infected organ.
Moreover, the arising and spreading of necrosis (death of the cancer cells) always has to be seen as a risk factor.

Therefore, bleeding as well as injuries to blood vessels, nerves, muscles and hollow organs have to be named as risks. Likewise, under certain circumstances, additional procedures are required. Also chronic damage is possible.

Also, pain might occur during the treatment, but can be directly stopped, either by interruption of the treatment or by re-supplying local anesthetics.

In the clinic is treatment therefore is exclusively being performed by trained professionals.

The great advantages of the Galvano Therapy are the outpatient feasibility, the high efficiency and safety, because the risks involved are in comparison with other therapies rather low.

Furthermore, the functional and organ preservation as well as the low side effects should be mentioned. Various studies have confirmed this.


The most important advantage of the Galvano Therapy consists in the low psychic stress for the patient during and after the treatment. "Freedom after the treatment "is the appropriate advertising statement of a renowned manufacturer of Galvano Therapy devices.
Many prostate patients and breast cancer patients suffer strongly psychologically after prostatectomy or mastectomies from the aftermath of conventional methods.


Thus, incontinence and impotence are the most common side effects of prostate removal and provide for every man, in addition to the impairment of the quality of life, a strong psychological load.

Similarly, the loss of the breast usually negatively affects a woman's psyche.
Since these consequences practically do not occur with the Galvano Therapy, the psychological consequences of the treatment are also lower.


Last but not least, the antimetastatic effect needs to be mentioned. Provided the Galvano Therapy is used with still uninjured tumors, metastases only occur in very rare cases.

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